• Khidri Dates

    Lofty, as the palm tree it comes from, with an intense brown color that blends well with its warm reddish shades. It recalls the slow rhythm of the desert and the scent of palm trees caressed by the warm eastern wind...

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  • Segai Dates

    Blossoming in the western side of Saudi, warmed by the soft sun, and surrounded by the beautiful shades of its palm tree’s stunning and prestigious fronds. The Segai date is well distinguished for its unqiue shape, color, texture...

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  • Kholas Dates

    Born, raised and cared for in the far east of Saudi, Kholas date holds a precious position in the herarchy of the Saudi dates. An unmistakable conical shape, a warm and bright golden hue, with a thin and fragile shell that recalls the precious...

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  • Sokari Dates

    As precious as a gold nugget, Sokari date holds the warm, caressing and velvety taste of the fruits of the desert, giving the palate a colossal feeling of joy and elegance, like a journey through the magical Orient. With an unmistakable color...

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About us

Sapori Del Deserto is an Italian brand, whose main objective, since its establishment, has been to bring together, in a harmonious way, through the sensory experience of Taste, two very rich cultures: that of Europe and that of the Middle East, always, wonderfully, close and synergistic. 

  • Dates and Daily diet

    Dates, the undiscovered treasure, engraved in the heart of the Arabian history, and mentioned in the holy books of a few ancient religions, assumes a paramount position in the plates of Arabs, being the primary confectionery choice for a numerous and various occasions and situations.

  • The specificities of the Saudi date

    Phoenix dactylifera, the botanical name of the palm tree, is a flowering plant species in the palm family, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. a variety especially popular in tropical areas of the globe, belongs to the Palmaceae family